Open call for the Youth Side Event


Vostochnoe parnyorstvoIntro and Background
Young people and representatives of civil society all over the world play a crucial role in providing inputs into democratic and market-oriented reforms based on shared values and initiatives. Respect of human rights, the rule of law, good governance, transparency, sustainable development and principles of market economy are some of the common values set as objectives for the Eastern Partnership Community and the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum is the main event in the EaP region which supports further development of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), promote contacts among them and facilitate dialogues with public authorities. Once a year this significant event brings together the representatives of civil society from the EU and Eastern Partnership countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Young people, as a specific group and a party of a civil society have a special role in promoting the European integration in the EaP countries. Youth of the EaP region is a powerful catalyst for positive change and contributors for European integration. Therefore, the youth participation should be enhanced in promoting democratic reforms in the Eastern Partnership countries in general and in their own countries in special.

Taking an advantage of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, 4-5 October 2013 in Moldova, Working group 4 „Contacts between people” in partnership with National Youth Council of Moldova (CNTM), National Council of Youth and Children’s Organizations of Civil Society of Belarus (RADA) and Ministry of Youth and Sport of Republic of Moldova will organize the Youth Event, on 2-3 October in Chisinau,Moldova.

The goal of the event is to increase the role of youth of the countries of Eastern Partnership (EaP) in the European policies. The objectives of the side event are to provide participants of the Youth Side Event with the information about the sate of youth and youth policy in each of the EaP countries, information about mechanisms of participation of EaP youth in European politics; provide EaP member-states, European Union (EU) structures, including CSF, with recommendations concerning policies development focused on the EaP youth.

Application Form

We invite participants that are closely linked with the Youth sector: Representatives of institutions interested in youth and youth policy issues in the scope of Eastern Partnership; Representative of National Youth Councils; Representatives of European youth organizations.

Representatives of organizations, elected for the participation in Civil Society Forum on 4-5th of October in Chisinau are also strongly invited to participate in the Youth Side Event.

In order to be able to take part in the event we ask you to carefully review the participant requirements.
• Be aged between 18-35;
• Demonstrate interest in Eastern Partnership Programme and / or Civil Society Forum;
• Participate actively at national, regional or international level in one of following fields: youth policy, human rights and democracy, economy, climate change, education, culture, youth or social dialogue;
• Motivated to contribute to the development of recommendations focused on development of European integration of the EaP countries;
• Be able to communicate and work in English language (knowledge of Russian language will be an advantage);

Selection and deadline for applications:
The selection of participants will be done by a special commission. The list of selected participants will be published online on the web page of CNTM no later than 1st September 2013.
Young people who are interested to participate at the Youth Event are invited to send Application Form, CV and copy of passport to with the remark „Application for Youth Event/name of your country” before 11 August 2013. Organizations are asked to indicate whether they participate in the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum 2013 in their applications.

Financial conditions:
The organizers will cover the cost related to accommodation, meal and international travel for the selected participants. Candidates not selected for participation due to financial reasons/limits will be invited under the self-payment conditions.

For any questions related to this event, please contact Mihai Clapaniuc, Intern of Youth Policy Direction, National Youth Council of Moldova,, +373 22 233 088.

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