Volunteering around the world


Volunteering introduces you to new people, cultures and skills while helping others. The international experience gained from volunteering abroad can also lead on to career opportunities that will take you all over the world!


Where to look

Eurodeskvolunteer opportunities for young people that focus on mobility, education, culture and more. Search for projects throughout Europe in your own language!

Global Voluntary Development Association Interested in nature conservation and community development? Want an action-packed travelling adventure and the opportunity to make a real difference?

Global Volunteers Short-term volunteering opportunities on long-term projects focusing on the wellbeing of the world’s most at-risk children.

Global Volunteer Network Caring for orphans in Vietnam, teaching English in Costa Rica, fighting HIV/AIDS in Rwanda or conserving biodiversity on the Galapagos Islands – a wide range of projects available.

Volunteer Action Counts Aims give volunteers a united voice to raise awareness and celebrate what’s being done. Read stories and share your own experiences.

World Heritage VolunteerVolunteer with the UN to preserve world heritage sites. Short-term projects

World Volunteer Web News, views & resources for volunteers. An extensive list of organisations offering volunteering opportunities all over the world.

World Wide Helpers – A wealth of info on low cost projects, so your money, time and energy goes directly to the people you’re aiming to help.

WWF Youth Volunteer Programme – The World Wide Fund for Nature runs a global volunteer programme for conservation and environmental projects in countries such as Madagascar, Paraguay, Peru, Fiji and Bhutan.


„It’s kind of a cliché, but I just gain so much more than I give. Volunteering in this way gives you insight into the culture in a way you could never get as a tourist. You live with the people, you go to their homes and mingle with teachers. You realise you have something in common with the people you’re working with. It really is waging peace through justice worldwide.”
Joan McGuinness, 10-time Global Volunteer



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