European Youth Week 2013

European Youth Week 2013 – Conclusions of the Structured Dialogue
By youth partnership


Teaser :
The European Youth Week 2013 provided the opportunity to assess the Structured Dialogue and for young people to become engaged in a review of the process.


News :
Representatives of all National Working Groups, who manage the dialogue process in the Member States, met in Brussels on 27-29 May 2013 and made proposals for the future directions of the Structured Dialogue.

The young people who participated in the conference in Brussels were nominated from National Working Groups and thus already had experience of the process, including the conduct of consultations of young people at national level. The results of the Week’s discussions in Brussels were presented as „Conclusions”, for transmission to a full dialogue with all the main actors in the Structured Dialogue, including representatives of national authorities from the 28 Member States. This dialogue will endorse „Joint Recommendations” to be submitted to Youth Ministers from all EU Member States for approval and implementation during the first half of 2014.

For more information check the Structured Dialogue Conclusions from May 2013.

To find out more about how the Structured Dialogue works in practice, see the following website:

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