Ziua Dunarii/ Danube Day 2013

June 29th, Danube Day, is a celebration of a cleaner, safer river following 18 years of international cooperation. Huge festivals on the banks of the rivers; public meetings and fun, educational events pay tribute to the Danube rivers, its peoples and the progress that has been made. Danube Day strengthens our „Danube solidarity” highlighting that, in spite of our different cultures and histories, we have a shared desire and responsibility to protect our precious resource.

2013 is the United Nation’s International Year of Water Cooperation. How people use, enjoy and cooperate over the Danube rivers will be directly affected by the events of Danube Day. Join in and help make the decisions that affect your river.

There’s a Danube Day celebration near you!

Find out how Danube Day is being celebrated in your country by browsing the Danube Day country pages. See the video message from EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn on the occasion of Danube Day.

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