Call for expressions of interest EACEA

Call for expressions of interest EACEA/2007 for the establishment of a list of experts to assist the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency in the framework of the management of the Community programmes in the fields of education, audiovisual, culture, youth and citizenship.

The Executive Agency Education, Audiovisual and Culture is issuing a call for expressions of interest in order to obtain applications for the establishment of a list of experts. This call is managed by the Agency in conjunction with the European Commission.

The experts’ duties will be to assist the Agency, or, where applicable, the Commission, in the performance of the tasks mentioned below, with reference to the programme objectives, the priorities and criteria laid down in the calls for proposals, as well as the guides and manuals made available to applicants.

The tasks to be performed include:

  1. Evaluating proposals received in response to calls for proposals
  2. Evaluating and monitoring projects:
    • evaluating project reports
    • evaluating project products and results
    • project monitoring and site visits
    • any other tasks relating to the analysis and/or monitoring of programmes and projects
  3. Specific studies and analyses relating to fields of activity

The experts chosen within the framework of this call may also be required to assist the Agency’s parent Directorates-General (DG EAC, INFSO, DEVCO) within the framework of their activities (general coordination of policies and programmes, communications, management of strands for which the Agency is not responsible).

Please note that the list drawn up on the basis of this call for expressions of interest does not imply any obligation on the part of the Agency or the Commission to award a service contract to the successful applicants.


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