Online language learning tool

A unique language learning tool, developed by lecturers from 9 institutions in 8 EU countries is now available in Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovenian and Spanish. The original  was launched in 2008. Since then, with more than 10,000 learners, the partners have worked on updating the website and launched version 2.0 on 01 February 2013.

Not only do we now provide 12 languages, but the language learning is no longer dependent on the mother tongue and you can learn any of the 12 languages from any of the 12 available languages. More pictures have been added, so that nearly all exercises are colourfully illustrated. The system has been adapted to any browser or computing system. The second part of the course (The Tray) has been upgraded with an audio and illustrated dictionary, updated socio-cultural information about work in the partner countries, supplementary material for learners and/or teachers/trainers. In the near future, more exercises will be added as well as assessment tools (learning outcomes, testing materials, RLD).

The next step in our project development is to provide learners with a new sector: Reception, in 11 languages (available October 2013). Do you work in the hotel industry? Or do you want to have a go at learning Kitchen Italian, Restaurant Finnish or any one of the 12 languages EuroCatering offers? This is the website for you! Simply sign up at It’s free and freely accessible. is a European Commission funded project which was awarded the European Language Label of the Labels by the EU Commission in 2012.

For more information, contact one of the partners via  or the project coordinator

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