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2012 YLP Generation Projects

1. The Biblionet & Ursus Breweries story goes on – a chance to do better for small communities
Who: Robert Uzuna

What: The original idea revolved around making a better use of existing valuable resources in small rural&urban communities. IREX Foundation came up with „Biblionet program” (an initiative of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), which provided 2000 public libraries nationwide with new IT hardware equipment (usually desktop computers) and free internet connection. Ursus Breweries was the first company to identify this opportunity and to propose IREX Foundation to officially endorse a pilot project that targeted six communities in Buzau, Braila and Galati counties. Though it provided to be a success, at the same time Ursus Breweries continues to be interested to follow-up on its pilot initiative on a larger scale so as to reach out with its Sustainable Development initiatives to a nation-wide scale.

2. The Black Sea Fund for Children
Who: Mirela Oprea, Senior Liaison Officer, World Vision International & ChildPact Secretary General and Emiljano Kaziaj, Advocacy Liaison, World Vision Albania & Kosova

What: The goal of this project is to advocate for governments and international donors in the wider Black Sea area to establish a Black Sea Fund for Children with the following objectives: a. Reinforce cooperation among public authorities to improve child-focused policy-making and policy implementation in the Wider Black Sea Area; b. Strengthen child-focused civil society networks in the Wider Black Sea Area; c. Encourage and share social innovation by governments and civil society organisations, by (inter alia) creating an annual award for social innovation in child protection.

3. Corruption TV

Who: Alexandru Isbasoiu; SkyWeb Ltd.

What: Corruption TV is designed to be a virtual tool (web site) where people can upload video or audio files with any corruption event they have been involved in and they want to expose. Its mission is to help the society evolve by supporting a fair economic and social environment.

4. eacher’s center – Helping teachers to empower our kids
Who: Cristina Alexandru

What: The concept started out as a vocational counselling program for „rebel” students, but during my research I realised that my initial concept would only adress the effect (children are evaluated based on an obsolete measurment system that doesn’t encourage creativity and teamwork) and not the real cause (teachers in state schools don’t have the knowledge, tools and resources to evaluate children based on their skills, abilities and vocation).
That’s why my new concept is dedicated to teachers and is ment to help them empower our kids. The project adresses outstanding teachers who can positively impact the lives of the children in their classrooms by using the right tools to evaluate and develop them.

5.  Economic Empowerment for Roma people
Who: Lucian Dumbravieanu, Petrica Dulgheru, Andi Roth, Deborah Chen, Alex Balaci

What: Blejesti is one of the many poor rural communities in Romania. The village is located 70 km west of Bucharest and most of its inhabitants are ethnic Roma. The families living in Blejesti own small parcels of land – 2ha in average – but they lack the capital and entrepreneurial skills to start, grow and sustain a small agricultural business. Our project focuses on empowering a group of poor Roma members of this community to be successful entrepreneurs, breaking the circle of poverty that defines such communities. This, in turn, will stimulate employment of Roma people in the community and offer other members, outside the initial group, the capital and the know-how to connect to the initial group and replicate the good practice and success. The final outcome of the project will be the economic development of the entire community, providing a good practice model for other poor rural communities to follow.

6. Legal assistance to farmers for cooperatives start-up in Albania

Who:  Kristaq Profkola (Albania)

What: The Project consists in providing the basic legal assistance to farmers in order to establish a cooperative company. After the newly approved Albanian law on „Cooperative companies” a serious barrier for farmers to gather and work together in the form of a cooperative company is the lack of information on the provisions of the new law as well as its understanding. Another barrier is the cost of the legal assistance. The project will provide an explanatory manual of the law giving the essential information in a very simple and understandable language as well as the model for the Statute and Incorporation Act necessary to form and register a cooperative company. All the materials will be distributed for free to farmers in different areas of the country.

7. The Romanian Social Entrepreneurship Academy

Who: Oana Paun, Ana Draghici and Anca Nuta

What: This will be a space where unwritten rules of the game can be taught, a place where they can meet and learn from people they never knew they could possibly meet or even hear them speaking, a place where they can share their ideas, validate them, maybe find out possible project partners, increase their network and, why not, get financed. Our idea is to create an entrepreneurial mindset of people driving organisations with a social mission and  make them think for finding alternative solutions for their projects to be sustainable on the long term.

8. Stepstones – Making the most out of us

Who: Gabriel Boc (France/Romania), Snezhina Kovacheva (Luxembourg/Bulgaria), Simona Iftimescu (Romania), Vlad Voiculescu (Austria/Romania).

What:   We propose a networking-and-mentoring programme designed to tap the gap between a young professional’s potential and their current possibilities, professional network and development opportunities. The programme will help them receive informal guidance on strategic career choices in a professional context of ever greater mobility, choice and decision-making complexity.
In the short term, we will provide a platform for the development of a mentoring relationship, where the mentor shares knowledge and experience, listens, challenges, and provides advice for career orientation and direction, and can support the mentee’s professional and leadership development. In the long term, we will sustain the participants’ interest in the programme and develop a fluid professional network, which can be leveraged for information sharing and problem-solving.

9. Romania Ba Se Poate/ Romania: Yes You Can

Who: Maria Besnea and Oana Ţoiu

What: ‘Romania, ba Se Poate!’ is an offline and online platform that gives a stronger voice to the good happening now in Romania. We take our hope and pride from people that do great things every day but are not in the spotlight yet! Through a crowd sourced curated platform of positive news, we will provide the missing stories in the media all year long and empower the needed ideas with regional Galas of local impact, a special award for journalist covering these stories given and judged by the beneficiaries themselves and corporate and community financing for journalist and photojournalist for covering stories that need to be heard and seen.

10. Transylvania Innovation Ventures

Who: Mihai Nadas

What: Transylvania Innovation Ventures (TIV for short) is the spark that focuses on driving the young talent through a process that will grow the number of successful software product companies from the Transylvania region. TIV will realize this by combining the expertise and dedication of existing leaders in the software development area with the Cluj Community Foundation and other like-minded initiatives, sustaining its initial needs through sponsoring partnerships and fundraising. The project was initiated already by Mihai Nadăs (CTO at Yonder) and Marius Mocian (Ambasador for Pioneers Festival and Community Manager for OpenCoffe Cluj) with the ambition to have it fully implemented by mid-2013.

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