Meet Yanira, EVS volunteer @Oltenita

Ce faci? Eu sunt Yani voluntar 🙂
Yes, I am trying to speak Romanian. Why? Because I am European Volunteer in Romania for 4 months.
Some people say English is International language and we have to speak in English.
And you know what? I agree.
Some people say Romanian is National language here and we have to speak in Romanian.
And you know what? I agree.
For me it’s quite simple. I like to know. I think the more you learn the more you understand.
And I like when I can spend time with people because we feel comfortable together.
I  was born in Spain but I like to see myself as one more citizen of a healthy world where I live.
I love linguistic diversity and speaking slow. Languagues and sign languages.
For me it’s very very important how we express ourselves and how we share our worlds.
I have studied communication and sign language interpreter.
It’s my passion.
Some people insist -why Romanian? why not Spanish or French?.
„Because I am here” -I answer-.
„-So any country you will travel… are you going to learn the local language?-„
„mmm… probably… it depends on time, people, my tasks,…”
And we start to debate in a healthy way as I love to do.
We are here as European Volunteers to promote a healthy lifestyle.
So what means healthy lifestyle? For me is simple.
Be healthy means:
Think positive. Smile. Wish well to others. Give them five. Small talking. Smile. Share your feelings.
Helping others. Try it. Be honest. Ask when you don’t know. Be humble. Be accesible. Be liable. Be open.
I don’t know if I am doing right but I am trying to.
Today we were with people from „Active – Sobriety, Friendship and Peace (which is a non-governmental organisation gathering European youth  organisations)in several high schools and it’s nice to see when someone looks at you with curiosity.
Personally I like to be challenged.
Now I need to rest but I give you some pictures from today 😉
By the way I am worry about our dogs because is snowing!!!
By Yanira, EVS volunteer Dunare.EDU

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