Youth and Policy 109 Journal

Youth and Policy 109 is now available [pdf]. The Journal is free to view and to download. Click on the article you want. You can get the whole Journal by clicking on the cover on the right of the screen. We also have a free Kindle and mobile version.


Understanding the English ‘riots’ of 2011: ‘mindless criminality’ or youth ‘Mekin Histri’ in austerity Britain? Charlie Cooper

Reluctant Criminologists: Criminology, Ideology and the Violent Youth Gang. John Pitts

‘First Step: Dress Cool …’ Young people’s representations of locality. Colin Brent

Youth Work and State Education: Should Youth Workers Apply to Set Up a Free School? Max Hope

Why Youth Participation? Some Justifications and Critiques of Youth Participation Using New Labour’s Youth Policies as a Case Study. Rys Farthing

Models of youth work: a framework for positive sceptical reflection. Trudi Cooper

THINKING SPACE: Reflective Practice Meets Youth Work Supervision. Margo Herman

Reviews: Carolyn Davies and Harriet Ward – Safeguarding Children Across Services: Messages from Research [reviewed by William McGovern]; Feminist Webs – The Exciting Life of Being a Woman: A Handbook for Women and Girls [reviewed by Tania de St Croix]; Carolyn Jackson, Carrie Paetcher and Emma Renold (eds.) – Girls in Education 3-16: Continuing Concerns, New Agendas [reviewed by Ali Hanbury]; Blair McPherson – People Management in a Harsh Financial Climate [reviewed by Lesley Buckland]; Judith Milner and Jackie Bateman – Working with Children and Teenagers Using Solution Focused Approaches [reviewed by Claire Crawte]; Jon Ord (ed) – Critical Issues in Youth Work Management [reviewed by Ian McGimpsey]; Jo Broadwood and Nick Fine – From Violence to Resilience – Positive Transformative Programmes to Grow Young Leaders [reviewed by Anna Spencer]; Vanessa Rogers – Games and Activities for Exploring Feelings With Children [reviewed by Anna McTiernan]


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