Saptamana de sport/ Move week

Review about “Sport week” in Oltenita by Anastasia Moskvina, EVS volunteer in Dunare.EDU

From the 1st till the 7th of October we had a sport week in Oltenita, Romania. Definitely, it was a great event for the local community. We put posters about “Sport week in the frame of Move week” all around the town and went to the schools in Oltenita to talk about the event with sport teachers and children.

We started on the 1st of October from holding a football game at the stadium; we had about 30 children involved in playing.

On the 2d of October we had a karate class at the school №3 in Oltenita and we involved about 15 children.

On the 3d of October we had a special day devoted to the Paralympics Games. First of all, we showed short movies about the idea of Paralympics Games and discussed that. After that, we prepared different activities so that the children could realize what it means to have some disability, how important it is to trust people next to you- we asked them to close their eyes and follow the instructions of the leader, holding the rope together. Other tasks were to jump on just one leg, jumping in the sacks, also tasks to recognize the objects by touching and smelling them. We held these activities in the park and in the office of Dunare.EDU with about 30 children.

On the 4th of October we organized the chess game and table tennis games with 30 children.

The 5th of October was the busiest day. First of all, at 10 a. m we organized a big cross in the park in different categories for different ages. More than 60 children participated.  In the afternoon, we had an aerobics class and ride with the bicycles in the park. The idea was to promote different kinds of sport and involve young people to be volunteers in a local community.

On the 6th of October we organized a hiking trip to Mitreni with EVS and local volunteers. We had 15 volunteers.

On the 7th of October we went to Bucharest for the International Bucharest Marathon to support our two volunteers who participated in running 10, 5 km each.


See you next year in MOVE week 2013!

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