Building a Better World is Being ACTIVE

Building a Better World is Being ACTIVE

Statement: Active Congress 2012 on Iceland celebrates the International Youth Day
To the world, the 12th of August is the International Youth Day. To Active, every day is a youth day worth celebrating. We are 28 organizations from 22 different European countries who fight passionately for empowering young people to be active citizens. Celebrating the 12th of August, means for us to celebrate our year-long efforts all over Europe.

In Active we empower youth by combining partying and politics, safe environments and creative ideas: wild dancing whenever we feel for it and heated debates on policy programs; jamming music together and discussing the future Plan of Action.

Like this we have celebrated the International Youth Day for the last week, during our 2012 Active Camp and Congress on Iceland.

For us, making the world better is about creating alcohol free environments where young people thrive best to become productive thinkers, creative activists, compassionate leaders, and conscious citizens.

Young people deserve getting the best opportunities to use their full potential for making the world a better place.
Active wants to play an important role in providing this and that’s why we adopted an ambitious Plan of Action: to fight problems in the world, like the current alcohol culture, negative peer pressure, social exclusion, racism and lack of democracy. Our Plan of Action includes goals like educating at least 300 members in questions that correspond to our core values: welcoming young people from all over Europe in our events; contributing to policy consultations on EU and UN level whenever possible and empowering members to do so, too.

In the spirit of those congress decisions we say today, on International Youth Day, young people do play an important role in building a better world. This means a more democratic, diverse and peaceful world, free from alcohol and other drugs where any individual can live up to their full potential.

Active- sobriety, friendship and peace is a non – governmental youth organisation gathering European Youth Temperance organisations working for a democratic, diverse and peaceuful world free from alcohol and other drugs where any individual can live up to their full potential. Active has more than 25 000 members in 28 Member Organisations from 23 different European countries.
Active is partner with IOGT International, the largets global community of not-for-profit organisations promoting a lifestyle free from alcohol and other drugs, human dignity and freedom. Active is member of the European Youth Forum, UNITED against racism, and the European Alcohol Policy Alliance.


International Youth Day 2012, the United Nations page
Video: Join International Youth Day 2012 „Building a Better World: Partnering with

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