My first week in Romania by EVS volunteer Saul

My first week in Romania


On Sunday 8 of July, I landed by first time in Romania after several hours of travel, I met to whom will be my coordinator during my collaboration in the project, Ana, with her husband, to drive me to my city for the next seven months: Oltenita.


Along the way, we crossed the city of Bucharest, I saw the most important buildings and their parks. Continuing the way to my new home, I also saw some small differences with my hometown, everything is green with vegetation here.


I finally arrived in Oltenita, my first impression: little light on the street and many dogs. But it was a welcoming city, as I have seen in my early days.


I was introduced to one of my mates, Manuel. He is another Spanish volunteer and my flatmate, but he arrived two months ago in Oltenita.


I stayed in his apartment, waiting to move in a few days to a new one. We went out to dinner to meet to the other members of our team. I met Nastia (one of my mate, a volunteer from Russia) and Laurentiu (local volunteer) and we went together to a restaurant, but before we went to the Danube river.


The restaurant Contot, where we had the dinner, is decorated like a cabin in the woods, making the site a very warm and friendly. There I met my mentor, or as I say, my mother in Romania, Irina. The dinner, quite nice.


On Monday, I met the staff of the association, Dunare.EDU. The first activitie that I did was teaching Spanish for a group of boys and girls who will travel to Valencia next September for a meeting of dance.


We teach English too and receive Romanian and Russian lessons. We work in a office, located in a park in the city center, but also we work in Chiselet and Ulmeni, others two villages close to Oltenita.


On Thursday afternoon we participated in a dance class, invited by the teacher who will assist with her students to Valencia. It was a fun class, we saw them dance and we did participate, learning traditional dances.


This first week I passed quite quickly because we have many children in our classes and in the evenings we usually go out with our mentor.


People are very friendly and children are very grateful. They play in the streets like when I was little kid, which is becoming unusual in Spain because of the computers, videogames, etc.


In my first weekend our mentor proposed to us (Manuel, Nastia and me) to go to the Black Sea, and so we did. We went to Constanta to see the casino, but we stayed in Costinesti. It is a beach area very similar to the beaches we can find in Spain. There is the largest open-air disco in Romania.


On Monday, after an amazing weekend, we returned to Oltenita, but not without swam  a last time in the Black Sea, in the city of Eforie Nord. We also visited the column of Trajan and a nice monastery. We took a ferry to cross the Danube and finally to go back to our new home.


And that was my first week in Romania. It was quite full and I have many unforgettable moments. I hope to live unique experiences with my new family here!

2 gânduri despre “My first week in Romania by EVS volunteer Saul

  1. Hello !
    Very nice, I didn’t know that there are this kind of activities in Oltenita. I wish to learn spanish and russian also. Do you do lessons only in the morning? I’m from Bucharest and I can’t come in the morning.;)
    If you come to visit Bucharest and need some help ask me.

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