Cypriot Presidency puts forward its Priorities for Education and Youth

logo.jpg On the 10th of July 2012 George Demosthenous, the Cypriot Education and Culture minister presented, among others, the Cypriot Presideny’s priorities for education and youth before the European parliament. The Cypriot team aims to put citizens at the heart of European Union policies by focusing on a social dimension and inclusive welfare. With this, the Presidency sees education as an ideal investment in times of crisis. Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilangualism and Youth Androulla Vassiliiou, a Cypriot herself, reacts positively to the priorities set out and looks forward to the cooperation in her domain.

In its presentation, the Cypriot Presidency outlined its fight against illiteracy as a way to ensure basic skills among young people all across Europe to prevent unemployment and social exclusion. Moreover, the Presidency recognises the importance of non-formal and informal education and plans to strive towards its further validation. In the field of youth, the Presidency set out three main points. Firstly, a call towards increased participation and social inclusion of young people from migrant backgrounds. Secondly, to assess the progress made during first three years of the ‘Strategy for Youth (2010-2018)’. Finally, to create an overview of the 18-month cycle of structured dialogue, which will come to a conclusion during the Presidency, in order to pave the way tor the next presidency trio cycle.

The European Youth Forum welcomes the priorities set by the Cypriot Presidency and looks forward to continued cooperation in the framework of the structured dialogue, already in view of the upcoming EU Youth Conference taking place in Nicosia on 11-13 September 2012 on the thematic priority of participation and social inclusion of young people.

Useful links:

Programme and Priorities, Cypriot Presidency, July 2012

Press Release, Citizens at the heart of EU policies, Cypriot Presidency, 10th July 2012

G. Demosthenous, The Priorities of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union for Education, Youth, Culture, Audiovisual and Sport, Cypriot Presidency, 10th July 2012

A. Vassiliou, Cyprus Presidency: Androulla Vassiliou, The, 10th July 2012

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